Run With Scissors

Video Production & Post Production


Run With Scissors is a call to action. Think dangerously, make the cut.

Run With Scissors is a Minneapolis based Video Production & Post-Production Company founded in 1999 by Producer/Director Bret McQuinn. We skillfully execute various media vehicles to move your brand forward. We aspire to move your brand, focusing on the highest quality, creative-driven video content.

Our environment fosters interaction between disciplines and styles where all ideas and people are valued. We harness the combined power of our creative process with meaningful content to meet and exceed your ever-evolving needs. We seamlessly weave creativity and content into the fabric of your brand.

Where Brand Meets Motion

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From planning to shooting, our highly experienced team captures your brand’s essence with ease.

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Employing the latest techniques and technology, our creative editing tells a story that defines your brand.

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Motion Graphics

The power of informational storytelling—turning 2D images and infographics into a moving narrative.


Allowing us to scale up or down to any size project. Straight-forward, fair-and-square. 
Hire us for one assignment or many, our promise remains the same: to deliver outstanding work.


Our Clients

We work with a lot of great people.